Scaricare Tempinversi Epub Gratis
  • Autore: De Pace Tiziana
  • Editore: Cicorivolta
  • I dati pubblicati: 2009
  • ISBN: 9788895106601
  • Formato del libri: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Numero di pagine: 97 pages
  • Dimensione del file: 11MB
  • Posto:

Sinossi di Tempinversi De Pace Tiziana:

. (Paolo West)
"I don't know if at the end of this text is prose or poetry, but I think if you ask this question, then, ninety-nine out of a hundred, is poetry. Instead, what I do know, is that it is a dense text and form uneven, seemingly incoherent, where the punctuation, it exists or not, the formation and destruction of sentences, are an integral part of the way. And basically a text to read excempt from every temptation perverse and carelessly of modesty- a text to be absorbed with proper oversight of the will and though like it's loud. Words deliberately articulated, connected, rich, heavy sentences chained by shuffling, swallow, and then, later, depending on your personal propensities, metabolize the dough, or bridal party last night on the stairs of the House??. (Paul West)

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